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Installation of AmigaOS 3.5 on WinUAE

  1. Create a directory to install OS3.5 into on your PC harddisk. I will call it C:\WB35 in the following steps.
  2. Create a directory named S in it (i.e. C:\WB35\S).
  3. Open the Editor and enter the following script:
    cdrom:emergency-boot/c/assign c: cdrom:emergency-boot/c;
    assign libs: cdrom:emergency-boot/libs;
    assign locale: cdrom:emergency-boot/locale;
    assign env: ram:;
    assign t: ram:;
  4. Save it as WB3.5\S\startup-sequence
  5. Enclose the name in quotation marks, so the editor does not append ".txt" to it. If you missed this, rename the file from startup-sequence.txt to startup-sequence (without extension).
  6. Start WinUAE and create a new configuration. The following options should be set:
    • RAM
        Chip: 2 MB
        Z3-Fast: 32 MB
        RTG: 4MB
    • ROM
        ROM File: kick31.rom (Kickstart version 3.1)
    • CPU
        Fastest possible
        Cache size: 4MB
    • Sound
        Enabled 100%
    • Hard Drives
      • Add Directory...
        Volume Label: Workbench
        Path: C:\WB35
      • Add Directory...
        Volume Label: cdrom
        Path: D: (the CD-ROM drive. The path must not have a "\" in the end.)
    • Misc
        enable UAEscsi.device.
    • Configurations
        Enter a new name and save the configuration.

  7. Start the emulator with Ok.
  8. Open the CD-ROM icon and install AmigaOS 3.1
  9. Start the AmigaOS 3.5 installation and install the CD-ROM driver. When you are asked for the device name, enter uaescsi.device. The unit number has to be determined from the WinUAE log before the installation.
  10. Press F12 and remove the CD-ROM drive from the Hard Drives list.
  11. Return to the emulator with Ok and hold down Ctrl-Windows-Windows to restart the Amiga.
  12. Start the AmigaOS 3.5 installation again and perform the pre-installation.
  13. Execute the main-installation. No reboot is necessary between the pre- and main-installation.
  14. Open the drawer Contributions on the CD and install Picasso96. The printer patch must not be installed.
  15. Restart the Amiga with Ctrl-Windows-Windows.
  16. Open the drawer Prefs on the Workbench and adjust the preferences as you like. With ScreenMode you can choose an UAEGFX screen mode in order to use the graphics card.


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