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Installing AmigaOS 3.9 on WinUAE from the AmigaOSXL CD

  1. create a new directory where OS3.9 should be installed to. Lets call it OS39XL.
  2. get LhA.run from Aminet and copy it into that directory.
  3. start WinUAE and create a new config:
    • RAM: 2MB Chip, 32MB Z3-Fast, 4 MB RTG
    • ROM file must be Version 3.1
    • CPU: 68040, fastest possible, 4MB cache
    • Display: windowed 640 x 512, centering horizontal and vertical, line mode doubled
    • Misc: enable UAEscsi.device
    • Chipset: AGA
    • Sound: 100%, Stereo
    • Floppies: eject all, Floppy Speed Turbo
    • Harddrives:
      Add Directory, volume label Workbench, choose the new OS39XL directory, Ok,
      Add Directory, volume label cdrom, choose your CD-ROM drive, remove the trailing "\" from the drive letter (e.g. "D:" instead of "D:\"), Ok
    • Configurations: enter a Name and click on Save.
  4. click on Ok to start the emulation.
  5. an AmigaDOS window appears.
  6. enter lha.run
  7. enter lha x cdrom:os-version3.9/os39-install.lha os39/
  8. cancel the ENV requester
  9. wait until all files are extracted from the archive.
  10. quit WinUAE (press Alt-F4)
  11. open the Windows editor and enter the following script:
    os39/Workbench3.9/c/assign c: os39/Workbench3.9/c;
    assign libs: os39/Workbench3.9/libs;
    assign env: ram:;
  12. create a new directory S inside the OS39XL directory and save the script as OS39XL\S\startup-sequence
  13. rename startup-sequence.txt to startup-sequence (without extension !)
  14. start WinUAE again
  15. load the configuration saved above
  16. go to the Harddrives page and remove the cdrom drive.
  17. go to configurations and click on Save.
  18. click on Ok to boot AmigaOS.
  19. when the Workbench desktop appears, double click on the Workbench icon.
  20. choose Window -> Show -> All Files from the menu.
  21. open the os39 drawer and double click the Installation icon.
  22. when asked where to install to, choose the Workbench partition.
  23. when the installation has finished, before you reboot, open the Workbench icon, open Devs, DOSDrivers and Amithlon.
  24. click once on CD0 and choose Icons -> Information from the menu.
  25. change cdrom.device to uaescsi.device
  26. change the unit number to the unit number of your CD-ROM drive.
  27. click on Save.
  28. reboot (press Ctrl + Windows + Windows)
  29. choose Workbench -> Execute Command from the menu and enter newshell.
  30. enter the following commands:
    cd "cd0:contribution/amigaos 3.9/rtg/picasso96install"
    copy libs/picasso96/uaegfx.card libs:picasso96
    copy devs/monitors/picasso96 devs:monitors/UAEGFX
    copy devs/monitors/picasso96.info devs:monitors/UAEGFX.info
  31. reboot again and choose an uaegfx screen mode in the ScreenMode prefs program.
  32. there are lots of cleanup actions that can be done to remove all the Amithlon and AmigaXL specific stuff. This will speed up the boot time significantly.


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